Royal Meath Christmas Hamper League

Details of Competition and Terms & Conditions:

• Scramble to be played each Sunday at 12PM. Entry €5.
• Starts on Sunday 3rd October- Finishes Sunday 28th November
• This is weather dependant, and the scores totals up to the last weekend
played will decide the prizes.
• Christmas Hamper valued at €150 for the overall winner.
• Christmas Hampers valued at €100 for 2nd & 3rd places.
• Christmas Vouchers for other winners based on their table position.
• The number of prizes will be dictated by the number of entries and the
cash taken in. There were three hampers, seven vouchers for €40 and
10 vouchers for €30 awarded in 2020. A total of 20 winners.
• Teams will be drawn out each day prior to playing.
• Names must be in clubhouse 10 Mins before the scheduled tee off Points will be awarded to each team member each Weekend as follows Winning team – Each player will receive 5 Points Second placed Team – Each Player will receive 4 Points Third Placed Team- Each player will receive 3 Points Fourth Placed Team – Each Player will receive 2 Points All players will receive 1 Point for playing that day.
A league table will be displayed at the Clubhouse and the player who has the most points at the end will receive the winning Hamper. To allow for inclement weather and of failing light the committee reserve the right to cancel or to move the day or time of the competition or to curtail the competition at an earlier date if they see fit.
In the event of a tie in any position that with effect the awarding of prizes there will be a draw to decide who receives the available prizes.
This means that if two people are level in points at the end of the competition even for 1st Place then a draw will take place and the loser of the draw will drop to 2nd place and all placing will move down accordingly. The same will apply to any tied positions even if it means that the loser of the draw drops out of the prizes.
In the event of any disputes the decision of the Committee will be final.

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