Secretary’s Prize 2020 Photos

Paul Crawley Overall Winner Being presented the Cup by Club Secretary Pat Egan
Paul Crawley Overall Winner 36 Nett
Rachel Crawley Ladies Winner 36 nett
Teresa Fagan Winner 36 Gross
John Kelly 9-16 Winner 36 Nett
Pat Macken 9-16 Winner 36 Gross
Mary Lynch Winner 18 Nett
Carl Murray 0-8 Winner 36 Gross
Andrew O’Brien 0-8 Winner 36 Nett
Seamus Lynam 9-16 Winner 18 Gross
Dan O’Toole 0-8 Winner 18 Gross
Pat Egan 0-8 Winner 18 Nett
Bob Brannigan arrived for his tea time
Father and Son
James and Seamus (we can do that)
Father and Son
Aiden and Daniel
Hugh Hiley and Aiden Collins
John Kelly Checking out
The Secretary’s Prize Awaits.
Keith Crawley and Carl Murray
Taken 5
Chairman Billy Lynch
Thanks the Members