Christmas Hamper Competition 2020

The final Christmas hamper competition 2020 was played today Sunday 20th Dec in glorious sunshine at Royal Meath with the competitors getting into the festive spirit and wearing something Christmassy to add to the occasion. Although its been a difficult year for many this competition was supported greatly by the members and a hugh thanks to the Competition Secretary Brian Lynch and his Competition Team of Dan O’Toole, Jason Carr, Stephen Knight, and Billy Lynch. They were there tirelessly meeting and greeting and collecting the entries, administrating the COVID protocol’s, making the draws and totting up the scores for all the comps run throughout what was a tough year for playing. A big thanks too for the tremendous amount of work our Chairman Billy Lynch and Brian Lynch and grounds committee put into keeping the course in such immaculate condition throughout the year as could be seen on this Sunday. A big hand clap to every member of committee who worked on making it a very successful year for club in terms of promoting the club and inviting in new members for the first time and giving them a warm welcome of encouragement and support. To you the Members long standing and New thanks for all the support you’ve given to the club throughout the year.

The Chairman and Committee would like to wish all our members and loved ones a Most Peaceful Christmas and New Year 2021 .

Christmas Hamper Competition 2020 Results

Royal Meath Christmas Hamper 2020 Prize Winners
1 Mary Lynch Hamper
2 Dan O Toole Hamper
3 Rachel Crawley Hamper
4 Jason Carr Voucher
5 Pat Egan Voucher
6 Paul Crawley Voucher
7 Brian Flanagan Voucher
8 Sean Reilly Voucher
9 John Davis Voucher
10 John Reilly Voucher
11 Teresa Fagan Voucher
12 Derek McGregor Voucher
13 Hugh Hiley Voucher
14 Seamus Lynam Voucher
15 Emily Slevin Voucher
16 Lisa Bowe Voucher
17 Warren Fee Voucher
18 Anne Hegarty Voucher
19 Johnny Kelly Voucher
20 Willie Walsh Voucher

Congratulations to all the consolation prize winners who received lovely boxes of Foxes assorted biscuits.

To new member Emily Slevin on winning prize for best Xmas attire.

To all those who donated and sponsored prizes a big Thank You

Some PHOTOS of the Christmas Hamper Competition 2020

Mary Lynch Winner 1st Prize Hamper
Dan O’Toole Winner 2nd Prize Hamper
Rachel Crawley Winner 3rd Prize Hamper
Jason Carr Winner Voucher
Pat Egan Winner Voucher
Paul Crawley Winner Voucher
Brian Flanagan Winner Voucher
John Davies Winner Voucher
Sean Reilly Winner Voucher
John Reilly Winner Voucher
Hugh Hiley Winner Voucher
Teresa Fagan (rhs) Winner Voucher
Seamus Lynam Winner Voucher
Lisa Bowe Winner Voucher
Emily Slevin Winner Voucher
Warren Fee Winner Voucher
Johnny Kelly Winner Voucher
Willie Walsh Winner Voucher
Emily Slevin Winner Best Xmas Outfit
Jason Carr checking who’s noughty or nice
Hugh Hiley gives the thumbs up
Sean Reilly hungry for the Turkey
Santa has arrived looking for his Elf’s
Here’s one of Santa’s Helpers
Lorenzo policing the activities
Jason Carr in Finding Santa
John Kelly I’ve seen it all before
John Kelly I’m Ready bring it on
Warren Fee, Tony Carroll, Pat Maken
Willie Walsh, Mary Lynch, Jason Carr
John Davies, Sally Mellon, Tom Bowe.
Hugh Hiley, Sean Darcy, John Kelly.
Bill Donnelly, Lorenzo Rinaudo, Pat Egan.