August Competitions Schedule

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Sunday 7th August – 36 Holes Strokeplay- Tee off 10.30 AM. Entry €5

Monday 8th  August- Scramble- Names in by 6.50PM– tee off 7PM- Entry €5

Wednesday 10th August- 7PM –Ladies Night- Entry €3

Thursday 11th  August-Gents – 18 Hole Strokeplay Competition – tee off between 6- 7PM. Entry €5

Sunday 14th August- 4th Major of the season- Captains Day. Tee off from 9AM to 12PM. Entry €10. Open to all members

Monday 15th   August- 18 Hole Scramble-. Names in by 6.50PM– tee off 7PM- Entry €5

Wednesday 17th  August – Ladies night- 7PM- Entry €3

Thursday 18th  August -Gents- 18 Hole Strokeplay Competition – tee off between 6- 7PM. Entry €5

Sunday 21st August- To be decided

Monday 22st  August- 18 Hole Scramble-. Tee off – to be decided – Entry €5

Wednesday 24th August – Ladies night- Time to be decided – Entry €3

Thursday 25th August –Gents- 18 Hole Strokeplay Competition – tee off between 6- 7PM. Entry €5

Sunday 28th August- To be decided

Monday 29th  August- 18 Hole Scramble-.Time to be decided -Entry €5

Wednesday 31st August- Ladies night- Time to be decided- entry €3

Thursday 1st September to Saturday 3rd September- Royal Meath Open Scotch Foursomes

Strokeplay– Sometimes referred to as Singles- This just means you count the number of strokes taken for a round of 18 holes. Subtract your handicap to give your Net score.

Scramble– Teams of three are drawn out. All of the team tee off. The position of the best ball from the three is marked and all of the team play their next shot from that position. The process is repeated until the ball is holed. The score is recorded for the hole and the process is repeated for each hole. The three handicaps are divided by three to give the team handicap. This is a fun competitive game to enable new and inexperienced players to obtain experience in playing competitions and, get to know the rules etc. all without the pressure of having to play well. It’s also a great way to get to know your fellow members. Usually, the teams are structed so that they contain a player of good ability, medium ability and beginner level ability.

Scotch Foursome– Teams of two are drawn out. Both players tee off. The team then select the best ball and play alternative shots until it is holed. Whoever played the tee shot of the selected ball the other player must play the second shot.

Stableford– This scores each hole individually with points. Each hole on a Pitch and Putt course is a par 3. With Stableford you score points on each hole that you play. A Four – one over par – is 1 point. A Three – par- is 2 points. A Two – one under par – is 3 points. Your handicap is allocated to the holes based on the index for the particular hole. Therefore, if you score a five on a hole that your handicap is allocated to, then it counts as a four and you score a point. Stableford favours the weaker players as if a player has a particularly bad score on a hole it just means you don’t score any points on that hole. A high scoring hole doesn’t impact as much on your overall score as a high scoring hole in Strokeplay. Usually, the committee will mark up the points on your card. The competitor just needs to record the scores as normal.