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Royal Meath Pitch and Putt Club 2020:

2020 National Strokeplays


2020 National Strokeplays image

A Chara,

It is with great regret that I wish to inform every one of the National Executive’s decision to postpone the National Strokeplay Championship’s scheduled for both Collins (Men) and Kilbeggan (Women) over the coming two weekends.

We accept this announcement is being made at a very advanced stage in relation to the scheduled playing of both events but we feel the public health announcements and guidelines published this week leave us with no option but to call a temporary halt to what we had planned over the next two weekends. We do not want to put anyone due to travel to both venues at possible risk of contracting symptoms related to Covid-19 or allow our activities to in anyway contribute to the spread of the virus.

We acknowledge there will be disappointment and disgruntlement with the decision but as a publicly funded body we feel that we have to show that we are playing our part in helping stop the spread of Covid-19.

It is the National Executive’s hope to try and re-schedule the events for a later date this year, but we will make an announcement on that in due course.

We keep encouraging our members to stay safe and continue their efforts in helping prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Yours in Sport

Mervyn Cooney

Pitch and Putt Ireland President

CORONAVIRUS (Covid – 19) Update:

The club wish all members and there families well at this difficult time. Stay safe and follow all HSE GUIDELINES with respect to the CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) .

2020 COVID-19

P.P.U.I. – 19/08/2020 – LATEST


Pitch and Putt Ireland

Update for all Clubs

  • Following the Government’s announcement on Tuesday 18th August in relation to new public health measures, clubs are reminded that these come into effect immediately.
  • All existing public health, social distancing and hygiene measures remain in place and must be adhered to.
  • All current fixtures remain in place but must be played without spectators.
  • Attendance by one parent or guardian in a safeguarding capacity for those aged 17 and under is allowed and is not considered a spectator in this case.
  • There should be strict avoidance of social gatherings before and after Competitions (no shotgun starts or prize presentations for example).
  • Coaching sessions should be limited to 15 people to include tutors and supervisors.
  • Club meetings taking place indoors must adhere to new guidelines of a maximum of 6 people.
  • For members aged over 70 or those medically vulnerable, you should use your individual judgement to minimise your risk.
  • If a member of your club contracts Coronavirus you should contact the HSE for advice.
  • The HSE service is available on 1850 241850.
  • Further updates on protocols will follow.
  • Clubs in Kildare and Offaly are still subject to other restrictions which remain in place until mid-night Sunday 23rd August.

Dress Code Applies on Course.

Please Repair all Pitch Marks.

Note: All players must sign the log in Clubhouse before playing.

Congratulations to Dan O’Toole, Stephen Knight, and Andrew O’Brien (Inters)and Paul Crawley (Junior)who recently qualified at Royal Meath for the National Strokeplay Finals to be held in Collins Cork on 19th Sept (Junior) and 26th Sept (Inters). We wish them the very best of luck in the finals.

Congratulations to Teresa Fagan and Rachel Crawley who will represent the club in the Ladies National Strokeplay Finals in Kilbeggan on 19th and 20th Sept and we wish them the best of luck in the Finals.

Notice to Members

Introduce a friend to the club

In order to promote our club and in the hope of encouraging new membership we are encouraging all members to bring down a friend to try out our course. 

All you have to do is ask any committee member for a free voucher to do so.

Once you have the voucher all you only have to fill in the visitors name and put it in the box in the club just prior to using the course. You may use as many vouchers as you wish but you may not bring the same person for a second visit.

Please come and meet and greet your fellow members this Monday Evening 21st Sept 2020 for the LAST Fun 3 Ball Scramble of the season over 18 holes at 6:10pm. Check in time 6:00pm.

Weekend 36 Hole Competition (Strokeplay Singles). Sat 19th and Sun 20th Sept. Times: Sat at 1pm and Sunday 10am. Ladies and Gents.

Please come and meet and greet your fellow members this Monday Evening 21st Sept 2020 for the LAST Fun 3 Ball Scramble of the season over 18 holes at 6:10pm. Check in time 6:00pm.

We look forward to seeing you all

Congratulations to Patrick Grehan on Winning the Meath County Board Intermediate Strokeplay Championship at Oldcastle on Sunday 26th July and Teresa Fagan getting R/Up in Ladies Event in Navan.

Great achievement for Pat winning with a 96 Gross and Teresa going so close. Proud moment for Club and congratulations from all at Royal Meath to Pat and Teresa.

Thanks to the Meath County Board for well Organized Event in both Oldcastle and Navan. To the committees and members of Oldcastle and Navan on the fabulous conditions of there courses.

Royal Meath Club Matchplay 2020.

Draw Sheet is posted in clubhouse and on Club Matchplay page web.

The club would like to welcome all new members and hope they enjoy the coming year playing at Royal Meath Pitch and Putt Club. If you have any questions or queries please contact any member of committee who would be glad to advise and help.

Further details to follow on club guidelines.

2020 Return to Pitch and Putt

P.P.U.I. – 25/06/2020 – Phase 3 Protocols

Phase 3 for the Return to Pitch and Putt June 29th

Pitch and Putt Ireland are pleased to publish protocols for a safe return to playing our Sport, our aim is to ensure that it is played in a safe environment during this pandemic. It is important that clubs take on board all aspects of these protocols.

The health of our members and all others who play our sport is very much to the forefront of our thinking, and therefore it is vitally important that all players are familiar with public health measure as set out by the Government. It is pretty much agreed by all medical personnel that this virus doesn’t like the outdoors and therefore there is a much lesser chance of contracting it, while out playing, provided social distancing and proper hand hygiene and cough etiquette are strictly observed.

This is the only official document on protocols for a return to playing, all other documents circulating have not been submitted to Sport Ireland.

Clubs must ensure that: –

  • Members with colds or any symptoms of COVID-19 must stay away from courses
  • Social distancing rules are observed by members & guests both on the course and in car park
  • Clubs should appoint a COVID-19 Officer to ensure consistent compliance with the Protocol (see link on website for Training)
  • Play in Phase 3 is for members, members guests and green fees
  • Clubs must have a logging system for everyone who visits the Club, they should have the name of the person, contact number and time they visited the Club (this is essential for contact tracing)
  • Maximum of four players per tee (at ten-minute intervals)
  • Clubhouses may open, but strict adherence to Social Distance must be observed
  • Do not handle the other players clubs or golf balls and do not shake hands
  • Members are reminded not to touch flags or flagsticks. Cups can be altered for easy retrieval of the ball. Attachments to flagsticks are commercially available to allow players to retrieve the ball without handling flagstick. To facilitate this the rule that the flagstick must be removed and placed off the green is being suspended temporarily
  • Alternatively play can proceed without flagsticks
  • Rakes must be removed from the course
  • Club Competitions may be played, but there must be strict measures in place to avoid close contact when entering and paying fees and collecting scorecards
  • Limited Open Competitions can take place after the 20th July with the above conditions
  • If scorecards are being used, the player will mark his playing partners card and sign it at the end of the round, with the score agreed by both players
  • If this is the chosen option, due care and attention will be needed at the collection point, surfaces must be cleaned on a regular basis and handwashing/sanitiser facilities should be provided. The committee should request that the player fills in his details on the card with the date and the name of the competition
  • The committee should put in place a method for the safe return of the scorecard, they may accept a photo of the card by text or email etc. If cards are returned the committee person who oversees the competition should not handle the cards for at least 24 hours
  • Clubs should erect signage in relation to Social distancing and should ensure that they have adequate handwashing facilities
  • Hand sanitisers should also be made available
  • If toilet facilities are used, they should be cleaned on a regular basis
  • Juvenile members may play together
  • Remove movable seats, if seats are fixed in the ground put up signs to let members know that they are not to be used

Players must observe the following rules: –

  • If you are ill or have any symptoms of COVID 19 stay home
  • Ensure your group is no greater than that allowed by the club
  • Do not exchange equipment with any others
  • Wash your hands and equipment before you leave home
  • Travel to the course on your own or with members of your own household only
  • Always observe Social Distancing
  • Change your shoes in the car park
  • Payers are asked to smooth bunkers using their feet or a club
  • Do not use water fountains, ball cleaners
  • After your round return to your car, change your shoes and put your equipment in the car and leave
  • If you must use the toilet facilities, ensure you adhere to health and safety guidelines

In addition: –

  • Bring your own sanitiser to the course & use regularly during the round
  • Bring your own food/hydration to the course

It is most important that clubs take whatever steps are necessary to ensure implementation of these protocols. We know that these restrictions are not going to last forever, and we also know that other opinions will abound, but we think these protocols will allow for the safe playing of Pitch and Putt.

Please stay safe and adhere to all Government and HSE guidelines.

NEC Pitch and Putt Ireland

Looking forward to seeing all members supporting weekend competitions and club events .